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We bring together horse lovers who are seeking to train according to their horse's needs for connection, comfort and choice, and who want to become the kind of leader that makes horses happy. 

Hi, I’m Linda Parelli and the two things I love most in life are horses and personal growth, and I have combined both of those passions into one amazing community. A community for horse enthusiasts who want to master the art of true connection with their horses.

If you want...

  • A better relationship with your horse
  • A dramatic increase in your riding skills
  • Exclusive access to some of the world’s top equestrian, performance, and motivational experts
  • To be a part of a community of supportive people with similar interests, dreams and goals
  • Plus, the motivation, life skills and support to reach your goals in any area of life, we can help!

English, Western, Jumper, Endurance, Trail Rider, Dressage it doesn’t matter what you do with your horse, Happy Horse is for Everyone!

You'll enjoy:

  • Hundreds of problem-solving videos
  • In-depth instructional articles
  • Instructor profiles
  • Watch Linda coach others
  • Get an inside look at life at the Happy Horse Haven
  • Enjoy monthly live Zoom calls where you can ask Linda questions directly
  • Tap into the wealth of knowledge, support, and training tips offered by our 38 Happy Horse Instructors
  • Ask questions and get answers in our community chat
  • 25% members-only discount on most items in the HHHL Store
  • HHHL provides first-class coaching and support for riders and disciplines of all abilities, ranging from recreational riders to professionals at the top of their sport. I’d love for you to join me!
  • Access to the Happy Horse Curriculum which is currently available only to HHHL members (with additional subscription at the Insider membership level, included with all other levels)
  • Exclusive member events
  • A community of like-minded people where you'll get motivation and support, have fun and meet new people!
  • Many make Happy Horse Happy Life part of their life with new content posted daily!

What our members are saying:

I finally feel like my horsemanship has improved and my riding has without question improved. Thank you!" - Kim K.

Thank you for all this help and information! The progress we made, since I joined HHHL, is amazing 🤗"  - Anna O.

REALLY love this program so far. I used to look at groundwork as a "boring but necessary." Approaching from the perspective of connection and relaxation has been really amazing and I love to see how my horses are responding. Such great stuff!" - Jamie H.

The information you share, the way you share it, and the impact it is having worldwide is of course of the ‘Linda Standard’ that we loved in Parelli, but now it is WAY more than that." - Kristie M.

Most of my horses over the years were restarts. I never had results like I do now. I notice everything now and when you are paying attention it is easy to fix the unwanted behaviors. I am grateful everyday for you and this program!" - Suzan A.

This is such a lot of fun  and so very helpful. There is a lot to think about but these videos with your explanations make everything so clear. I’ve been riding for decades but never felt so understanding of what to do when, how and why. Genius😇 THANK YOU." - Julie S.

I am more than happy that I am able to join the monthly Zoom calls. Thanks again that you are there to give a helping hand in person. That's the best gift I see in this program: you are still "touchable", Linda." - Iris M.

Here's what's included with your membership:

Insider Membership - $29.99/month or pay for the year and save $50!

Learn with Linda - Over 50 video lessons with Linda Parelli, so whatever your problem we have a solution! Quick, easy solutions to your horse problems. And this is just one of over 20 feature areas on our site. Plus, if you still find yourself looking for answers you can ask Linda and our instructors questions!

Lessons with Linda – Watch weekly and learn from real-time lessons with Linda and her students at Happy Horse Haven.

NEW Games Horses Play – Learn games you can play with your horse to make training more fun and more productive for both of you.

NEW - Member Spotlight – Watch as we interview some of your fellow members and hear about their individual journeys.

NEW - Weekly Clip Clop Video Challenge – Watch our video and see if you can get your horse to do the same or better.

NEW - Q & A with Linda – Linda answers your questions on video.

FREE access to Module 1 of the Happy Horse Curriculum, Connection.

The Secret of Liberty Course - This amazing course will teach you how to experience a deep and meaningful connection with your horse. ($199 value).

2023's 12-Month Feature Course, The Happy Rider Makeover.

Monthly Live Happy Horse Talk Zoom with Linda - Get your horsemanship questions answered by the world’s best. Linda opens the floor once a month for YOU to ask her anything that will help you on your journey to a Happy Horse and a Happy Life.

Barn Confidential – Weekly videos from Linda’s barn as she debriefs her students and shares her riding insights and expertise.

Mind, Body & Spirit – Over 50 videos hosted by Linda on a variety of topics including life skills, health, emotional fitness and much more! New spots are added throughout the year.  

Instructor Chronicles – Get to know your amazing HHHL Instructors in this revealing series of raw and uncut interviews.

Exclusive feature articles weekly with insightful horse & rider instruction topics from Linda, HHHL Instructors, and guests. 

Weekly feature article on leadership and life skills topics

Exciting guest posts from some amazing experts on a wide range of topics including horse health, problem solving, dressage & psychology, peak performance, tack & equipment, leadership and more


  • Monthly contests and fun. 
  • Food and travel
  • Health and Beauty
  • Recipes
  • Make new friends!
  • Interact with the rest of the community by making your own posts, chatting, and commenting.
  • Ask Linda questions – she’ll do her best to answer any and every question.
  • Support our mission of making the world of horse training a happier place for you and your horse.  
  • And much more!

NEW - Student Membership - $59.99/month or pay annually and save $75!

  • All the benefits of our Insider Membership PLUS:
  • Access to the Happy Horse Curriculum, How to Talk Horse ($1,995 value). The Happy Horse Curriculum is a completely new approach to horse education after the industry has been stagnant for over 12 years.
    • Quickly know how to improve your horse’s behavior
    • Specific and easy-to-use results-oriented training Modules
    • The Modules focus on specific behavioral goals to solve common problems and develop key qualities essential for any discipline
    • The freedom to move around as desired, or follow the Modules sequentially
    • Clear instruction videos
    • Straight forward instructions
    • Self-evaluation and improvement strategies  
    • Progress wall charts keep you on track
  • Two free manuals per year ($99 value) mailed to your home each year
  • Happy Horse Challenge – Over 50 games, drills, and challenges to inspire you and your horse
  • Archived Courses - Full access to over two years of archived videos and Keynotes which are no longer available for free

Achiever Membership - $99.99/month or pay annually save $150!

All the benefits of the Insider and Student Membership Plus:

  • Free access to the two-day, HHHL 2024 Members Conference for you and a guest ($399 value)
  • One virtual private lesson with Linda for 15 Mins ($250 value). Lessons are on a first come basis and Linda will only be offering one per day.
  • Four free manuals per year ($199 value) mailed to your home each year i.e.: 52 Challenges for you and your horse, 101 Tips for You and Your Horse manual, How to Make Your Horse Happy Manual, Emotional Fitness etc. manual titles change each quarter.
  • NEW – Happy Horse Curriculum Companion Guides – We’re putting the curriculum in printed companion guide format and Achiever members will receive them included with your membership!
  • 20% discount on live courses ($300-$1200 value)
  • The complete Pegasus Personal Growth Program 

Mastermind Membership (Limited to 12 Members Only). This is Linda’s Elite Training Program! - $499.99/month

  • All the Insider, Student and Achiever Membership Benefits PLUS:
  • Live Platinum Master Class with Linda in Florida (5 days of intense instruction) $3,000 value
  • Two 15-minute virtual lessons with Linda per month (24 lessons total) $3,000 value

Happy Horse Happy Life delves deeper into areas of special interest like horse behavior, psychology, rider education, connection, equine gymnastics, and clever riding. 

It includes the all-important personal development aspects to help you navigate life’s challenges, so you can get the most out of your life. With specially designed courses, direct interactions with me, and our amazing lineup of special guests this a valuable addition to your horse and your life!

We have re-opened membership for a limited time, choose from one of these four exciting options. It's learning season for you and your horse!